Introducing Naomi C. Rose

imagesIt is my pleasure to introduce Naomi Rose. She is the author/illustrator of award-winning Tibetan-themed books that we hope to share throughout the distribution network that the Snow Lion Storytelling Initiative has secured. Naomi contacted me a few months ago and we are thrilled to collaborate with her on getting her books into the hands of more Tibetan children.

The Forces AVENIR grant that I mentioned in my last post would go toward distributing Naomi’s books. Not only are they beautiful and perfectly themed, but three of the four picture books we intend to include are already published and available as bilingual English/Tibetan books!

Take a look at these gems:

Praised by all, TASHI AND THE TIBETAN FLOWER CURE tells the story of “Tashi, a Tibetan-American girl, misses her precious time with Popola (her grandpa) who has become ill. Determined to help him get well, Tashi remembers his stories about a flower cure used in his Tibetan village. She recruits friends and neighbors to re-create this Tibetan healing tradition. But will the flower cure work in America? This story is about diverse people coming together in the spirit of healing and community. It’s based on a true story, “Downwind from Flowers,” written by Lee Paton. Lyrically told and illustrated with impressionistic paintings, this story also shines a light on the special bond between grandchild and grandparent.”


With forewords written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Naomi’s TIBETAN TALES FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD and TIBETAN TALES FOR LITTLE BUDDHAS offer a collection of enchanting stories from Tibet. Naomi’s awe-inspiring illustrations will transport the children and Tibetans of all ages through time and across borders while celebrating Tibet’s ancient wisdom of compassionate responsibility.


In addition to the illustrated stories, TIBETAN TALES FOR LITTLE BUDDHAS includes a map, a glossary, and the transcription of a Tibetan chant.


I am particularly excited about Naomi’s new book. Published by Dancing Dakini Press, WHERE THE SNOW LEOPARD PROWLS is an interactive book about Tibetan wildlife. Beside Naomi’s beautiful water color illustrations of full-grown and baby versions of Tibetan animals like the Snow Leopard, Wild Yak, Himalayan Tahr, and Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, the book offers activities for the children to explore their homeland’s fauna. Perfect for a classroom environment, the book will not only allow refugee children to exercise their native language skills, but also foster an environmental consciousness that is growing in children all over the world.

Tibetan Wildlife Cover.indd

We are so grateful that Naomi reached out to collaborate with SLSI. Her books embody everything SLSI is about: practicing Tibetan language, exploring cultures, exercising wonder through story. Unfortunately, as is the case with any project, funding determines how far we can go. And while we are excited to participate in the grant competition, we also recognize that, with all the great projects out there, these kinds of competitions are tough to win. So if you have any ideas for funding, let us know! I’ll keep you posted on what happens with the award. Until then!


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