Week 8: Distribution Plans Materialize

I arrived in Delhi this morning at the crack of dawn on the bus from Dharamsala. There were serious landslides in the mountains, so heaps of earth and rocks covered up the roads. Some were completely buried and had to be avoided altogether. But the danger of the journey was worth it.

SUCCESS! I had a surprisingly pleasant day in Delhi, even though I had bad luck with rickshaws today: one broke down in the pouring rain and the other got into a mild accident (an ice cream truck didn’t get out of the way in time) — all this to get to the headquarters of Sherig Parkhang TCRPC (Tibetan Cultural & Religious Publication Centre), the Central Tibetan Administration’s publisher and distributor. As I mentioned in my post from Week 4, the Department of Education publishes Phayul magazine for Tibetan children to practice reading in a fun way. The comic-strips and stories are compiled into book form at the end of each year. In January, these books and other schoolbooks are distributed through TCRPC to over fifty government schools across India, but also in neighboring Nepal and Bhutan.

The TCRPC staff was warm and very enthusiastic about the SLSI. After doing some calculations, the director Lobsang Kunchok Bhakdo and I signed an agreement to include the SLSI books in their distribution network. I am so thrilled about this because it means that the distribution is now all set up and taken care of. Each one of the fifty government and TCV schools across India, Nepal and Bhutan will add at least one copy of each SLSI book to their libraries.

Over steaming chai, we chatted about my two months in Dharamsala and Mr. Bhakdo’s career. “You must be so busy with this project,” he said, when we had finally stopped laughing (I can’t remember why, I just know that we shared a lot of laughing fits in his office). “But your busy life is a good thing– good for your health, good for your mind, and good for society.”


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